Chris, a member of the New Zealand  Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA), is an experienced New Zealand fly fisherman whose expertise have been built and refined over the past 35+ years both through his passion for fishing, and in the studying of the aquatic environment prevalent throughout the beautiful and idyllic lakes, rivers and streams of the South Island.

About Us

Picking up a fly rod started a life-long obsession with the challenges and corresponding exhilarating highs and frustrating lows that all make up the experience that is “fly fishing - Chris Bell

​Chris is a sight fishing specialist who enjoys nothing more than stalking large sighted Browns and helping others overcome the challenges that catching these magnificent fish involves.  A day on the river with Chris is destined to be a fun, memorable and educational experience involving many aspects of New Zealand's natural history and ecology. To add to the fishing experience Chris likes to include information about the flora, fauna and geology that helps make New Zealand such a unique and interesting place to visit. Chris is also an experienced fly tier who admits to having a bit of an obsession with developing and creating his own imaginative flies.      

His passion for fishing and great interest in the science of fish and other aquatic life has led him on a life-path based around freshwater fish, eventually guiding him to complete a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc), followed by a Master of Science degree (M.Sc) in Freshwater Fish Ecology. His Master’s research based at the University of Canterbury’s Cass Field Station located in the beautiful Canterbury High Country, involved the investigation of various ecological aspects of the cryptic Koaro’s (a New Zealand native fish) conservation and life-history, including their competitive interactions with the elusive Brown trout. Being emersed in all things "fish" for much of this life he has developed a great respect for fish life, and he now strongly practices and promotes careful "Catch and Release" in his fishing guiding buisness.

Chris has worked for over 10 years at a local Salmon hatchery prior to which he supplemented his University years by working part-time in one of Christchurch’s leading fishing tackle shops "The Fisherman's Loft". 

Memberships and other related qualifications

  • NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association (N.Z.P.F.G.A.) 11 year member

  • Suzuki 4WD Club 

  • The Canterbury Anglers Club (member for over 35 years)   

  • Holder of a New Zealand Coast Guard “Boat Masters” certificate 

  • First aid accredited and certified

  • Speaks some Japanese

  • ​Has a perfect (no accident) on road driving record and has completed anti-skid and defensive driving courses

As the owner of 'South Island Adventure Fly Fishing' Chris takes your satisfaction very seriously. Let him show you where to find, and how to catch the big wily Browns and acrobatic Rainbows, that inhabit many of our un-crowded backcountry rivers, streams and lakes located in magnificent South Island scenery. 

In Chris's words.."Trout fishing for me is all about the visual factor. New Zealand’s clear waters and large fish by world standards, make stalking and attempting to catch these beautiful fish, heart stopping stuff. For me there’s nothing more exciting than spending time out amongst the South Island’s spectacular back-country scenery, stalking up pristine rivers and scanning shallow lake margins in search of large Brown trout. The buzz associated with fooling one of these magnificent fish into gently inhaling a terrestrial fly off the water’s surface is the ultimate!"

Fly fishing expert - Chris Bell

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