Helicopter Adventure

The aim of this package is to offer is an exciting option for those anglers who want to access remote waters where often very large catchable trout can be encountered. This is an ideal option to consider when time constraints or physical ability limits an angler spending a lot of time walking into such locations. 

Here at South Island Adventure fly fishing, trout fishing is what we live for, if you are planning a fly fishing trip, looking for a fishing guide for joining you while fishing in New Zealand or want to lean more about fishing nz, nz brown trout or other species of new zealand trout.  Contact us at South Island Adventure fly fishing where we can assist you locating a nz fishing guide who is experienced in catching the large NZ brown trout.  Plan your fly fishing trip with us and experience the ultimate trout fishing holiday or if you are a local simply the best South Island trout fishing day out you'll ever experience.

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For those anglers who want to fish in the off season we offer excursions to rivers and lakes open all year round. Take advantage of our local knowledge of migration patterns and spawning habits to get the best of your fishing over the winter season.

Fly fishing at night can be a very successful method of catching large predatory brown and rainbow trout.  Add a memorable evening of angling to your fly fishing adventure.​

This fishing package is designed for beginners or those wanting to brush up on their technique.  This package is ideal as a gift for a loved one who has interest in learning how to fish or for those with young families looking for a special way to introduce their children to the world of fly fishing. The personalised training experience quickly teaches how it’s all done providing many beneficial hints and tips that will enhance any fly fishing experience.

The aim of this package is to offer an affordable fly fishing adventure for those anglers who have all their own equipment, but would like the benefit of a local guide to quickly lead them to exciting fishing waters. ​

Designed for those anglers who want to add another extremely exciting visual dimension to their kiwi fly fishing adventure, or simply for those whose main objective is to catch large numbers of fish.​ Here the “sight fishing” occurs in the still-water environment of shallow lake margins either accessed on foot or via a "stand-up" dinghy.






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Custom Package Options

The Custom package is designed for those who want to design their own fishing adventure from options in our repertoire or something of their own sourcing.​  We want you to have the ultimate fly fishing experience and will work with you to make your fishing dream come to life.

The "How it's done in NZ" Day

Gain knowledge of when, where and how to fish NZ waters while immersing yourself in NZ fly fishing culture and ecology. Learn how Kiwi Fly Fishermen have adapted their technique to best succeed at catching wild NZ Brown and Rainbow trout in the scenic South Island.​​

No Frills

Off Road Fly Fishing Adventure

Still-water Stalking

The Backcountry action adventure focuses on the types of water which you would likely see featured in the top fly fishing magazines and which truly represent what is the essence of fly fishing New Zealand's South Island. 

We aim to add the element of adventure to your experience by accessing remote and less fished waters where spectacular wilderness fly fishing can be encountered using an off-road Four Wheel Drive Vehicle (4WD).​  

Backcountry Action Adventure

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We offer extremely memorable and affordable backcountry fly-fishing experiences, involving spectacular New Zealand scenery and visual stalking of large brown and rainbow trout. If one of our packages isn't exactly what you are looking for we can help you put together a fully customised trip. 

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