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Winter fishing is available in both the Canterbury and Westland regions. Some rivers or lakes are open all year round, while some others are open for limited periods during the winter.

Generally winter trips are shorter due to less daylight hours. However, if heading over to the West Coast you may expect to leave around 6:00am, and could return as late as 8:30pm if we were to stop in Arthurs Pass for tea.

Winter can also be a good time to night fish certain river mouths flowing into Canterbury lakes, as pre-spawning trout congregate in these areas to feed prior to entering the lake tributaries to spawn.

Winter Fishing



Prices are current for the 2024/2025 fishing season and are listed in New Zealand (NZ) dollars.

The package base cost is $695 for a half-day or $995 for a full day for 1 angler. Add NZ $75 per day for each additional angler.  A spectator may come along for an extra $20. Drinks and snacks are not provided as part of a winter trip so as to make the day more affordable for the client, however this can be organised for a small fee if required. Max capacity is 3 persons plus your guidePlease note that we consistently practice "Catch and Release" (refer "Key Fishing Information") 

Like what you see and want to book or simply want more information? Just contact us via phone or email we are here to help!

On booking your trip if your guide thinks there may be a better option based on time of day, year, weather or any other factor you will have the option of altering your choice either at the time of booking or even on the day if you so choose.  For example the choice of what time of day you prefer may provide better fishing in a local river mouth vs high country lake.




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