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Prices are current for the 2024/2025 fishing season. The prices are listed in New Zealand (NZ) dollars.

A maximum capacity in the helicopter at any one time will apply and may differ by operator. See Pricing page for full list of what is included.

A variety of different walk in or fly in/out, options are available depending on the clients preference. 


We will travel by comfortable, air conditioned 4WD to the nearest applicable commercial helicopter operator to our planned fishing location. This will reduce helicopter flight time, and thus save money for the client. 

Department of Conservation (D.O.C) huts are also available for overnight accommodation in some remote river valley's.

​Appropriate safety gear including an emergency locator beacon (E.P.I.R.B.) is always carried when travelling to all remote locations.

Please note that we consistently practice "Catch and Release" (refer "Key Fishing Information") 

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Helicopter Adventure


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Some of the best fishing in the South Island of New Zealand occurs in the often very scenic headwater rivers and streams. Impressive sized trout inhabit these often less fished, and sometimes more stable sections of water, as in this environment they can grow to a larger than average size compared to other more accessible waters.

Most fishing locations accessed by Helicopter in Canterbury and Westland contain large Brown Trout of usually 4 – 7lb’s (2 - 3.2kg) in size, however some waters can contain a combination of both trout species. Occassional 8 - 10lb+ (over 4.5kg) specimens inhabit these rivers and streams and can often prove to be more catchable than fish located in other areas, mainly due to reduced angler pressure. In many of these fly fishing locations we will be surrounded by native vegetation which is not only extremely beautiful, but will often contain interesting NZ wildlife. Your guide will endeavor to point out this NZ native flora and fauna plus gain sightings of amazing native birds that inhabit the area. The often eerie and beautiful bird song radiating from some areas of bush can be enchanting! Tussock clad Canterbury High Country areas are very unique and scenic in their own right, despite sometimes lacking native bush. No matter what surroundings you find yourself in, the clear water and big fish prevalent in such areas are often well worth the extra cost associated with using a helicopter for access.

Headwater Rivers and streams to be fished are the types of water which you would most likely see featured in magazines such as "NZ Fish & Game" and "Flylife" and which truly represent what fly fishing the South Island is really all about.

The Helicopter Adventure is an exciting package designed for those anglers who want to access remote waters where often very large catchable trout can be encountered. This is an ideal option to consider when time constraints or physical ability limits an angler spending a lot of time walking into such locations. A walk in/fly out option is also available for those anglers with more time on their hands, who simply want to save some money on chopper flight time. 


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