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Canterbury Rivers (Row 3)

Canterbury Rivers (Row 4)
Canterbury Streams (Row 5)
Photos of location types:
Add-on / Special Non-Fishing Activities

Guiding fees

Hourly Guiding Rate

An hourly guiding rate is available for those uncertain of how long they would like to fish for.  A minimum of 5 hours applies.  The hourly rate applies to a single angler.  For each additional angler add $10 per hour.

Capped daily rates (includes overnight where a multi-day trip is booked)

Half-day and full day capped rate options are available (refer individual package prices; hours are calculated as time from pick-up to drop-off).  

  • A half-day is considered anything up to 8 hours on a single day. This rate applies to 1 angler.  For additional anglers add between $10-$45 each. 
  • A full day is anything over 8 hours on the same day. This rate applies to 1 angler. For additional anglers add between $10-$45 each. ​​

Prices are current for the 2023/2024 fishing season and are listed in New Zealand (NZ) dollars.

A spectator may also come along for single day trips at no extra charge.  These rates assume a max 3 persons plus your guide per trip.


Group size

A group for standard transport purposes is a maximum of 3 persons plus your guide, except for when the dinghy and Suzuki 4WD is being used, when it is 2 persons plus your guide. A spectator may be included in the total persons for single day trips at no extra charge.  

Family groups with young children

We love when families can spend time together on fun activities such as fishing and are ourselves experienced with educating young children from as young as 5 about fishing and the tricks of casting.  Please contact us by phone or email to discuss options for family fishing days.

Larger groups

We can cater for larger groups including business parties by working with our network of local guides, all of whom are members of the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss larger group options. 

Like what you see and want to book or simply want more information? Just contact us via phone or email we are here to help!

Numerous types of accommodation are available. Accommodation is not included in the package cost.  Refer discussion on the pricing page for more details.
Wildlife requests?  New Zealand has several native birds that may be visible depending on fishing venue selected.
Scenic options could include (L-R): Otira Gorge* | Southern Alps | Canterbury High Country | Farms | Hanmer Springs *... Lord of the Rings sites

On booking your trip if your guide thinks there may be a better option based on time of day, year, weather or any other factor you will have the option of altering your choice either at the time of booking or in some cases even on the day if you so choose.  For example if you are very interested in ecology and local scenery the trip duration and time of year may mean that the West Coast or high country lakes will provide you with a more "kiwi nature" focused experience.  Just tell us what you want from the trip and we can tailor standard packages or when desired make it totally custom.

The Custom package is designed for those who want to design their own fishing adventure from options in our repertoire or something of their own sourcing.​  We want you to have the ultimate fly fishing experience and will work with you to make your fishing dream come to life.

Package Details

If there is not a standard package that is exactly what you want out of your fishing trip we would be more than happy to mix and match pieces of packages, or alternatively work with you to design a fully customised experience.

For those who would like to "build-your-own" trip we have aimed to identify all the elements we think go into making a great fishing trip.  Examples have been provided for each of the elements along with any additional indicative pricing ranges to give you a picture of what to expect.  Please note if your ultimate package includes third party sourced supplies or services we do not mark these up nor take any sort of commission, and all discounts we receive through our industry relationships are passed directly on to you the client.

To "build-your-own" simply use any of the packages or the options listed below as a starting point to understand what your trip could look like, then talk to us so we can help fine tune the possibilities, taking into account our local expertise gained from over 30 years fishing the South Island.

Below you will find various options for Guiding Fees | Logistics | Location Type | Transport | Equipment Hire | Accommodation | Add-on/Special Non-Fishing Activities

The Custom Package Options

Do you want us to use any special method of transportation ?

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"Let us take you to some fantastic locations where just being there is a privilege and the great trout fishing a bonus"

Access to a variety of huts and accommodation to suit all budgets from tents to huts to motels is all available. 

There is no extra fee for camping.   A camp out can be a great experience to add to the complete Kiwi adventure, especially if there is not a fire ban in the area being fished at the time, as a camp-fire can be an option at the end of the day.  When an overnight camp out is selected by the client, all camping gear will be provided at no extra cost. This includes use of tents, gas cookers, tramping packs and clean, warm sleeping bags. A sleeping bag will be supplied with a clean washable cotton liner for hygiene purposes.

Department of Conservation (D.O.C.) huts are located in some river valleys in both Canterbury and Westland. They cost from $5.00 per night for a basic hut to $15.00 per night for a serviced hut.
More homely huts with all the basic luxuries of home including gas showers and lighting are also available in some great fishing locations, and cost from $40.00 to $50.00 per night.

Lodge (B&B)
​A luxury game lodge located in an isolated river valley on the West Coast is available for those wanting to treat themselves (conditional on existing bookings). This has great fishing located within metres of the front door of the lodge. Two separate lodges are available, each accommodating for up to 4 persons and usually costs between $200 -$300NZ per night to hire an entire lodge. This can be a great location for an non-fishing partner to relax and unwind in the beautiful South Island wilderness, going for walks, reading or watching satellite TV while the client and guide are out fishing.

See below paragraph on Heli-fly fishing.


No additional charge.

No additional charge.

The is no charge for the vehicle used to get to the fishing venue.  

Additional costs


Off road 4WD

Description of how cost is determined

Generally there is no extra charge applied as this cost is already included in the total price for the Off-Road Action Adventure package, however some private access roads have an additional fee charged by the farmer to cover track maintenance. 

4WD truck

Mountain bikes


A 4WD truck is used to transport clients to the fishing location.  Additional modes of transport can be added depending on either the location to be fished or client preferences. We have an off-road 4WD, mountain bikes and a dinghy available to make the trip more enjoyable.  For example, generally a lot of walking will be involved in the more remote trips, for certain locations we could take the mountain bikes to reduce the walk time.

Westland Rivers (Row 1)
Westland Rivers (Row 2)

Complimentary pick-up

​​If a multi-day trip is booked and you are not located in the Canterbury region we can provide complimentary pick-up from many distant locations, from which we can fish our way up or down the South Island. For example if you are located in the Hokitika/Greymouth/Reefton region of the West Cost we can pick you up and fish our way back to Christchurch during just a single day or over multiple days. More distant locations would require at least two or three days to experience a non time pressured fly fishing adventure.

Heli-fly fishing

A helicopter can provide quick access to many of the South Island’s most remote mountain streams and backcountry rivers that are usually less fished trout havens just awaiting the angler. Alternatively this means of transport can be utilised to simply maximise fishing time or reduce the trip duration by providing a fly-in fly-out experience for those with limited time. 

If you would like to use a helicopter to get to the fishing location we ask that you cover the total cost of the charter flight. Helicopter companies usually have a set per hour flight time charge to hire the machine, and this will vary depending on if the helicopter is a reciprocating (e.g. Robinson) or turbine (e.g. Hughes 500) type chopper, and its size. Due to the variability in flight times to different rivers there can be a great variation in different costs. It is usual to have these defined by the helicopter operator in advance so a suitable destination can be selected depending on a clients budget.  

​Prices are available on request but usually you could budget on an extra $850.00 to $2500.00 NZ for a fly-in/fly-out service with a safe reputable helicopter company.

Equipment Hire

Waders (Breathable or Neoprene), polypropylene thermal longjohns, wading boots, rod/reel, tippet, flies, hats, polaroid sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent are all supplied for the client if required.

Extra items that may be required by the client can be sourced/hired from other business's. 

Examples of such items are as follows. Any additional special requests will also be considered.

                                                               Approximate cost per day

Polarfleece thermal top/jersey                             $10      

Waterproof jacket(outer shell)                             $15

Polypropylene thermal top/pants                         $ 5

Gators (Ankle protectors)                                    $10

Multi day discounts will be given if an item of clothing is required to hire for more than one day.

Greymouth (one way)


A large variety of wineries and cafes are available for a rest stop and to enjoy either some New Zealand cuisine or award winning wines. 

Hanmer Springs: Thermal Pools, Lunch or Dinner

Take the Transalpine scenic train from Christchurch to Arthurs Pass or all the way to Greymouth where we can collect you to fish your way back (or reverse).

Take a relaxing 20 minute walk at the end of the fishing day to the top of Mount Sunday, the site of Edoras in the LOTR, the spectacular vistas of the upper Rangitata are sure to impress.


On multi-day trips of 3 or more days we offer drop-off or pick-up from Queenstown.   The 3 days will be spent fishing key spots between Christchurch and Queenstown.


Westland Lakes (Row 8)
Westland Streams (Row 6)


$15 - $35

 Arthurs Pass (one way)




Lord of The Rings (LOTR) movie sites


Lunch/Dinner at a cafe/winery

Full Package Details

Example Cost



Westland Lakes (Row 7)

Adult pool


Train - Tranzalpine 
Location, Scenery, Wildlife Preferences

​Do you have a preference for the type of location(s) you want to fish and do you want to focus on one location or visit multiple during the trip? Is there any specific type of scenery you would like to incorporate into the trip or wildlife you would like to see?

​ We have numerous favourite spots that fall under each of the following location types, bypass certain types of scenery and house native wildlife.  Some of our fishing spots are on private land that we have the owners permission to visit while others are publicly accessible either easily or in other cases not so easily accessible, thus requiring additional modes of transportation such asoff-road 4WD or mountain bikes.


$15 - $50

Experience the irresistible charm of Hamner Springs. Spend time relaxing in the thermal pools, experience superb wine and food at a café or restaurant, or simply take a stroll around the village.​

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