The Journey from Christchurch to the West Coast through Arthur's Pass is the route we most often take to access fishing waters in the Canterbury High Country or on the West Coast. This route allows the traveler to experience many contrasting New Zealand environments. When beginning the journey near Christchurch on the Canterbury Plains the traverse from the East to West Coast closely follows the route of the famous “Trans-Alpine Railway”. You will see a lot of the same scenery by vehicle that you would pay to see on the railway trip. So if your time in the South Island is limited, a fishing expedition to the coast with South Island Adventure Fly Fishing would allow you to experience much of the breathtaking scenery the area has to offer, in addition to some great fishing.

The location of the massive battle scene in the Hollywood blockbuster movie “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” was filmed at a location visible from this road. If desired a detour at the end of a fishing day to explore this film location can be arranged.

The West Coast has an amazing native bird population. It is possible to see a variety of unique and beautiful birds from the more common Pukeko and Weka to the less common Bush Robin or Blue Duck. There are many other bird species including the Bell Bird and Tui whose echoing calls are enchanting and beautiful. The inquisitive Bush Robin or Fantail will often come within a metre of a person and can sometimes land on your Rod while out fishing. This interaction with such amazing wildlife helps to make the West Coast experience that little bit extra special.

The wild West Coast is considered wild for a number of reasons. Approximately 90% of the west coast is protected from human exploitation by being allocated to reserves and national parks. The resident brown trout fishery is mainly wild in heritage and is generally self sustaining. Despite having a very high annual rainfall this region still experiences a high proportion of fine weather. However when it chooses to rain, it can REALLY RAIN!! “The Coast” as it is known by the locals is mainly covered in lush native Podocarp and Beech forests. Other than areas of cleared farmland, the beautiful forest extends and surrounds most waterways. This enchanting bush and its native bird populations help to make the West Coast fly-fishing experience one to remember.

Try a fly fishing trip with us to a West Coast river or lake and see why it draws the angling enthusiast back time after time.

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